About Us

We are wasting up to 20 percent of our time on computer problems (link to study, 2023)

Let that sink in.

This can be:

  • Apps that are not working
  • Lagging website performance
  • Terribly complex user interfaces that make it harder for you to complete tasks
  • App crashes

    …the list goes on.

    We want to help you fix that and save you the time wasted on such problems.

    At Saint, we take extreme care with every post written. Let’s go over briefly on our process below.

    Our Editorial Process

    Every post is evaluated with solutions that we extensively research and test ourselves before publishing.

    We also cross-check the solutions to see if it has benefited other users online and our own users, who thankfully comment on our posts offering their feedback.

    We try not to rehash generic solutions that are just a waste of time. The content is written by users that have used the app or device in subject, hence the screenshots we include are that from our own devices, unlike certain other websites where they just copy-paste their content and images.

    Now we do make mistakes. Let’s face it, and we apologize.

    Not every guide or solution(s) is perfect by any means, and we try our best to include “what works” with the greatest chance it solves the problem you’re having. This may not always be the case.

    So we heavily rely on our community of users and commenters who help us out by emailing us their solutions as well as commenting on the posts on the solutions you’ve found helpful.


    Saintlad.com receives funds from both advertising and affiliate products. We DO NOT accept sponsored content, and we have never done so (or will so).

    This is in line with our philosophy that whatever content we publish is not biased by a product that we are paid to write about and promote.

    You may ask: “What about affiliate products? Aren’t they biased products that you promote?”

    All affiliate products that we include are potential solutions that we use and are sourced and reviewed by our team, which helps to solve the problem you’re facing.

    Saintlad.com chooses the products and services to include, not the other way around.